Students plan for summer

Story by Maddie Mason and Michaela Baker

With the school year coming to a close, there is one thing on almost everyone’s mind: summer.

Summer brings a lot of vacations and a well needed break from the regular grind of the school year.

“We are going snorkeling and parasailing. We are [also] going to zipline through the jungles of Cancun, so I’ll be really excited about that,” senior Hayden Lance said.

For others, summer will be full of family visits instead.

“Well, I will be going to St. Louis, Missouri to see my family, but most of all to see my grandparents. They’re deceased, and I haven’t visited them in six years,” junior Jerry Arrowood said.

Some will be beginning a new chapter in life. Many seniors at Dutch Fork have plans to attend college in the fall.

“This summer I plan on getting ready to make the big transition from high school to college. I’ll be picking out things for my dorm, going to orientation and signing up for classes,” senior Ashley Davis, who will be attending the University of South Carolina in the fall, said.

For others, however, they will be leaving South Carolina for a summer vacation.

“It’s my graduation gift,” Hayden said, “so [my parents] were just like ‘Hey where do you want to go?’ and I said ‘The tropics sounds good.’ ‘How about Cancun?’ ‘Sign me up.’”

Social studies teacher Kelly Ragan will return to the Miss South Carolina Pageant for the second year in a row. She will be trying again for the title of Miss South Carolina.

“I will go June 21st to move into a hotel in downtown Columbia, and we compete June 21st through the 27th for the title of Miss South Carolina. So, I do different competition events every night, so one night will be ‘swimsuit’, one is ‘onstage question’, one’s ‘talent’, one’s ‘evening gown’, and there’s a ten minute long interview and if I make it all the way to the top 15,” Ragan said. “I compete on Saturday night, the 27th, and it’ll be on TV and then they knock it down all the way until they announce the winner.”

Along with the pageant, Ragan will also be helping out at a day camp.

“I work part time at a church camp called Thirsty Day Camp in Lexington, so I work with fourth and fifth graders. So we go to the zoo, we go to the swimming pool, we go to the movies, we just do a bunch of different stuff. So basically I’m a camp counsellor all summer,” Ragan said.

For Alexis, her Disney summer vacation experience has changed.

“I think that it will be different because, when I was little kid, we really did not have that much singing and dancing like we have now. We really did not have that much Disney characters so I think it’d be more fun. But then again I feel like it wouldn’t because, you know how we had Winnie the Pooh and all that [and now we are] not going to have that. So it’s kind a good part and a bad part,” Alexis said.

Overall, summer vacation whether going to Disney, to the tropics or even visiting family is more than just a break from school.

“The summer is a much needed break that allows students to relax after a school year filled with stressful work,” Ashley said. “It also gives students time to explore other interests and find new hobbies.”

This story was written at the end of the year about student’s summer plans. So many students as well as teachers are not just sitting at home during the summer. This story was almost a follow up to our student profile and teacher profile summer package in the beginning of the year. As you can see everyone is doing something different. Rebekah got the interviews for this story and Maddie and I wrote it. 


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