The things I learned in my teens


I have officially been alive for TWO decades. That is crazy to me.

Before I was getting into bed last night I began thinking of all that has happened in my “teen” years.

So much happened.

So much has changed.

I thought to myself it would be cool to write out some of the lessons I had learned or wish I had known. 

I would consider my teens 13-19. For context, when I turned 13 I was in seventh grade at Dutch Fork Middle School. So without me rambling on, in random order, here are some lessons from my teen years.

  1. He isn’t worth the tears.
    – I think this goes without explaining. As a teen I was a love obsessed girl. I’ll admit it. I wanted to love and be loved. However that love was never, ever fulfilling enough.
  2. You’ll always remember your mistakes.
    – However, you don’t need to dwell on them.
  3. Spend more time with your grandparents.
    – When they are gone you’ll miss them everyday. I wish my grandparents could see the great lady I have grown to be.
  4. Accept, love your family.
    – Change happens. This change won’t tear your family apart but bring you closer together. Be open to change for it will turn your brother into your best friend.
  5. Get a job… you will need the money
    – College is expensive. You will wish you worked at a younger age.
  6. Your best friends will change.
    – As my mom (and her mom) always said… “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, the other’s gold.”
  7. Buy the shoes
    – I think this is actually my life motto
  8. Try harder in AP classes. They could save money
    – I took many AP classes but didn’t get college credit for them because I don’t test well. I believe if I would’ve pushed a little harder I would’ve done better.
  9. Even though you think you want to leave home, you really don’t
    – The night before I moved out to college was the hardest night ever. I didn’t want to leave even though countless times before I thought I was ready to move out
  10. I’m glad I found my passion in high school
    – Being involved in high school journalism really allowed me to hit the ground running in college. I never had a doubt in my mind about what I wanted to do. Not all students are this lucky.
  11. College will change your life. Be ready for it
    – From new friends, tough courses or crazy nights, college is the best time. Don’t be scared because you will meet so many new friends that have turned into your best friends. (I’m lookin’ at you third floor of Preston and more)
  12. Exercise more
    – Don’t slack off after not having to take PE in high school anymore. Your body will thank you in college… your body image will remain positive from a healthy diet and exercise and not negative.
  13. Lay off the McAlister’s Spuds
    – This goes with the exercise more. I’m sorry senior year of high school body 😦
  14. Mall/movie dates are stupid.
    – I think every weekend in middle school my mom or dad dropped my friends and I off at the mall. Why? I’m not really sure but I probably spent too much money and I know I made poor life choices.
  15. In middle school, your best friend will tell your boyfriend to break up with you. 
    – You didn’t understand and didn’t speak for days but now you know she was doing the right thing.
  16. Be there for your best friends.
    If she calls you crying because of a breakup, don’t send her breakup songs. Stay up and listen to her.
  17. Stop being selfish
    – This is still a work in progress…
  18. You will never be perfect. Instead be you.
    – Clothes, make-up, and belongings matter very little. Being genuinely nice and kind will always get you further.
  19. Belongings matter very little. 
    – Be thankful no one was hurt and the items stolen were just material possessions.
  20. Love God.
    – Keep up the relationship. It is the best you will ever have.

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