January Favorites • 2017

Hello there lovelies!

I am so excited about this post because it is my first of many beauty-centered blog posts!

If you are wondering, “Michaela, what do you mean first of many beauty posts,” then you missed my NYR post. I want to work for a beauty company! I could do social media for a makeup company, design the look of a monthly subscription service box or even make the programs and material for a beauty conference. I’m keeping my mind open, but I know this is what I want to go into. I love all things beauty, makeup, accessories and more, so why not use my skills to do something I’m passionate about?

Also, if you’re a frequent visitor of my website you’ll notice things look a little different. I’ve redesigned a lot! You’ll notice all my blogs will be under the blog tab now.

So here is my first beauty related post: My January Favorites! I’ll be sharing the things I couldn’t get enough of last month.

I’ll break them down into three categories each month: beauty, life and fun (see the theme I’m going for?) so let’s get started!


Maybelline Rose Palette
This palette is under $15 at the drugstore. I got it last spring and have used it for about a year. I love the rose colors and this palette creates easy and beautiful eye looks. My personal favorite is a gold or rose shade with a brown in the crease. You can see my three favorite colors with a star on them above. The palette has majority shimmer shades. Some are not the best pigment, since it’s a drugstore brand, but I find the shades are buildable and easy to blend. I love how the palette is actually made up of quads, trios and duos. This layout makes creating an eyeshadow look even easier. I find myself reaching for this guy weekly.

Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast lotion
My favorite candle from BBW is Champagne Toast, so when my sister saw this lotion she picked it up for me. I love lathering up in this lotion after I shower and the scent lingers throughout the day. I can still smell the sweetness when I crawl into bed! It is not available for sale anymore, but if it comes back I highly recommend picking one up.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist
I have this mist in lavender and chamomile and boy do I love it! I spray it on my pillow while getting ready for bed because it’s so soothing. The fragrance is strong enough to smell but it’s not overpowering. I don’t have trouble sleeping usually, but this mist really helps me relax.

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control 3-in-1 Foaming Wash
This has been a favorite of mine since August. I purchased this face wash when stocking up on things moving back to school. I got this for treating acne and had never tried it before. I swear by this stuff now, y’all! When I have a pimple on the rise, I’ll wash with this and I promise it goes away! This happened on multiple occasions. I would say give this a try if you are in the market for a new acne-treating face wash. I am almost finished with the bottle and will certainly be repurchasing.

Tease by Victoria’s Secret
This is an oldie but goodie. I’m pretty sure if Heaven had a scent it would be Tease by Victoria Secret. It’s heavenly! The scent is a mix of vanilla, pear and gardenia. I have the body mist, so I spray it on every time I walk out the door and I always get compliments on it.

Formula X’s System Xcelimg_5143
I’m not going to talk too much about this system because I have a blog post coming up reviewing it! I will say, however, this system has changed my life! I love to do my nails and this system makes it so easy and my nails look fabulous. They look like they are gel but I did them myself. The system is a bit pricey, but if you compare the rate to what it is to actually get a manicure you are getting a deal. Be on the lookout for the review of the System Xcel!


Create 365 Happy Planner
I love having a planner. It keeps me organized during school and life in general. My sister got me this planner for Christmas from Michael’s and I’ve become obsessed with it. All the months have different themes and I even have stickers that fit in the agenda. It’s so fun to plan out my weeks and add personal touches with the stickers I got from Michael’s, too. It always has sales and coupons, so if you want to snag one make sure to check out the website! As mentioned before, each month in my planner has a different theme. Also you can see at the beginning of each month is a fun sheet to fill out favorites, birthdays, goals, etc. I love this planner.


Brita Water Pitcher
Remember one of my NYR’s was to drink more water? This favorite is one that has helped me achieve that! I have the Brita Metro and it’s the perfect size. The water tastes great and I am drinking so much more daily. Yay for accomplishing resolutions!

Tazo Tea – Joy
img_5169My mom got this tea for Christmas and she let me try some. I feel in love. It is a blend of black tea, jasmine green and a light peach flavor with the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness. It’s a perfect pick-me-up or nighttime tea (it does have a good amount of caffeine in it but I still am able to drink it at night). Also, my middle name is Joy so I feel this is a fitting tea for me to like. I’m sad this was a seasonal tea because I want to go buy some more!


Hart of Dixie
This show is from 2011. I watched it back in high school but never finished the final season so over Christmas break I restarted it on Netflix. I finished it last week and it was so good. I laughed; I cried. It’s a light-hearted, funny show. Some of the plot lines are predictable, but I love it. Give it a try if you are in the mood for something light.

Roku TV
Merry Christmas to me! I bought this after Christmas because I wanted to treat myself. I thought it would be a good investment and I also found a great deal because it was open box. I really love it because I can watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more on it. This purchase also aided in my watching of Hart of Dixie. 🙂

Blogger Class
This was so much fun! It was an email course hosted by Rachel Awtrey. Honestly, it really inspired me to relaunch this blog! I have been slowly working to revamp it, but going through her e-course really motivated me to finish. Through the class I have even made some digital friends and we’ve become a supportive network to one another. If you’re in that network and reading this now, thanks for all the support!

Well, that is all for my January favorites! I cannot believe that it is already February!

Do you have any favorites I should check out? Would you like for me to review any of my favorites any more for you?  Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed my first beauty post. I am so excited for this new adventure and would love any comments or feedback!


5 thoughts on “January Favorites • 2017

  1. I love this for so many reasons! First of all, it’s always fun to hear other people’s favorites and get their opinion before purchasing something. Second, I have been wanting to try out a water filtering pitcher for awhile now. I need to get on that. I enjoyed reading your January favorites and look forward to your next one!

  2. Great first blog! I can’t wait for Tori to try the foaming face wash! I think you should research about self-tanners and give us a heads up on the best and most reasonable ones for our money! Congrats Michaela Baker! 🎉🎉🎉

  3. I am so so so proud of you!! I can’t wait to read more posts….you’re so talented and I’m so excited to see what you come up with!
    Love you alway

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