Dear high school seniors,


IMG_9233Congratulations. You have less than a month of high school left. In less than a month you will walk across the stage into what some people call “adulthood.”

Soon you might be paying college tuition, packing up your childhood home, shopping for your new room and saying goodbyes.

But first you have one last summer at home; spend it wisely.

I know you want to leave home so bad—trust me, I did too—but cherish the time you have with your family.

You’re ready to be independent, call the shots and do what you want when you want to do it.

But trust me you’re not.

Dear senior in high school, know your life is going to change; know home will never feel quite like home again; know you will lose some friends.

Dear senior in high school, know you are getting ready to have the time of you life, find new passions and drives; know that you will make great friends.

You will make mistakes. We all do. But the key to success is to always stand back up when you get knocked down.

You’ll be stupid. You’ll stay up too late. You’ll eat horribly. It’s okay. That’s a part of college.

Be smart. You came to learn, to develop your skills. You can still find the time to have fun in between.

Dear senior in high school, you will change but remember to stay true to yourself, your faith, your beliefs. Don’t be scared to be yourself because true friends will accept you.

Senior in high school, get ready for a rollercoaster of adventures.

You will do great things.

You don’t have to take my advice, but I also reached out on Twitter for advice people would give to their senior in high school selfs. Here is what some said:

“Don’t be afraid of what’s coming next. Think of life as an adventure and create the future you want for yourself.”
– Jessica Muscella

“So many people in your life need you to just be yourself right now. Trust God, come OUT, and let go of the masks.”
– Zac Baker

“Don’t know what you’re doing? Don’t worry. No one else does either.”
– Cassidy Shumaker

“Take things one day at a time.”
– Ellen Williams

“You do not need to be perfect to be worthy of love.”
“Don’t fight it, just bite the bullet and invest in a nice coffee maker.”
– Brit Barkholtz 

Don’t blink, senior in high school, because soon you’ll be a senior in college.

Good luck.




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