My twin sister buys my outfit


The “______ person buys my outfit” tag has been circulating YouTube for a while and my sister and I decided we should do it. Basically, you go shopping for each other and choose an outfit you think the other would like. So that’s what we did! We decided to go to our local Goodwill to shop first and see what we could find. Being twins, we do have similar styles but we do have some differences too.

See how our shopping experience went below!

In total Kathryn got the sweater, graphic tee and jeans for me for only $12.

This was so fun to do. Obviously if you watch the video, I wasn’t able to find anything for Kathryn but I made it up to her. We do shop for one another a lot so this is nothing new for us.

I hope you enjoyed this video based blog post. I like to switch up my posts every so often.


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