Fall Bucket List

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It’s FALL, bring on the pumpkin flavored everything, crunchy leaves, and fluffy scarfs!

Fall is my favorite season. It can signify a time of change with leaves falling with the promise of new ones blooming in the spring. The weather is beautiful and the holidays are among us. What’s not to like?

Every fall I find myself with a bucket list of things I want to do and today I’m sharing some of those with you!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch 
You may not have to go far to find a pumpkin patch. I’ve found many already picked pumpkin patches in church and store parking lots. Don’t be afraid to venture inside your local grocery store for mini pumpkins, too. I love browsing the different shapes and sizes until I find the perfect one. I like to use pumpkins for decorating purposes!

2. Spend an afternoon outside 
Fall comes with amazing weather so why not enjoy it more? After work or school find a spot outside to relax. Maybe even put down your phone and enjoy nature. I think the sun shines a little brighter and more beautiful in the fall. So take a book, homework or have a picnic outside.

3. Go apple picking 
Look up where your local orchard is and take a day trip! Fill up a basket, drink some cider and don’t forget about the apple doughnuts! Going apple picking is a fun activity for the entire family with lots of fun photo opportunities.

4. Spend a day baking or cooking 
One thing you can do with all your freshly picked apples or pumpkins is bake! Apple pie, apple pastries, apple butter, pumpkin pie, pumpkin butter… you get the idea. Spend a cool afternoon whipping together some sweet treats. Bake some for yourself or share the baked goodie love with friends.

5. Try something new 
Fall is the start of the holiday season, so what better time to try something new? Make a new recipe, start a hobby, a tradition or try a new food! Adventure outside your comfort zone this fall.

I hope I can accomplish these bucket list items this fall. My list is growing every day. Do you have any fun things you must do this fall? Share them down below so we can add them to our personalized fall bucket lists!

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