Vlogmas is here!

December is in full swing and that means Vlogmas has started!

Last year I did Vlogmas as a way to overcome post-holiday depression. For many years, right after the holidays, I would head back to school feeling sad. I couldn’t believe Thanksgiving and Christmas were over and the new year was here. I wanted to go back and relive the lazy days watching Christmas movies, going Christmas shopping, spending time with family and more. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to school.

Vlogging everyday until Christmas last year worked. I felt like I remembered my holiday so much better. I didn’t even have to watch the videos after the holidays! So, I’m doing Vlogmas again this year to hopefully bypass post-holiday depression once again.

Truthfully, I’m doing this for myself but I don’t mind sharing it on YouTube. It’s become a huge phenomenon lately so why not make my life public (at least for 25 days).

If you do choose to watch my vlogs, I hope you enjoy them! I’m not a professional but I enjoy doing it. I’ll post a video here every five days. So I present to you Vlogmas 2017 video one, showing December 1 – 5.


I hope you enjoy the vlog!


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