One major thing I designed this year was in my Journalist of the Year portfolio found here. I had to keep a constant design throughout the whole thing and I feel that I did a good job of doing that. I actually got the inspiration for my portfolio from my business card. I kept the shapes constant in the whole portfolio.

Another design that I did was with Sara on the cover of the Winter issue of the Renaissance. I took this picture and immediately knew that this had to be the cover. This was taken during the winter assembly when Sara and Albert were doing a dance in honor of soldiers coming home for Christmas. My inspiration for this really just came from the picture. She is looking up and it looks like she is looking up at the title which really flows for designs when pictures work with text. Also, we wanted to continue or magazine like theme and put a blurb on the front for the art assembly. This then leads to my another one of my favorite designs of the winter assembly. The two pictures of Shelby that Maddie Mason took flow perfectly and I think it is a beautiful spread if I do say so myself.

cover design



Designs from 2013-2014:

cover work2


I am so proud of this cover. The inspiration came from showing my teacher Mrs. Medlock this photo I took that I really liked (this was in the midst of trying to find a cover photo). She immediately had an idea to format our cover like national magazines do. I had to play around with it in photoshop but I finally got it to work and love it!


The next two designs were in a sports package. The idea was a “State Championship” package so I thought it would look neat if the three stories that appeared had the same design look to them. This look was a full page photo. It looked really neat and got across the “state package” concept quite well.


Like explained before, this shows the full page photo design. I do love the way it looks along with the other pages too.

Designs from 2013-2013:

Google Drive


Tackled into state


Catapult Launch


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