Cheerleaders take state

This story was a lot of fun to do and travel. We got to go to Greenville and see the cheerleaders win state. we had to choose between routine footage and winning footage as b-roll but i think we found the happy medium between the two. i love this experience.

Take English

This story had a lot of background work done in order to produce the most accurate story. It was actually cool to put together with all of the extra quotes and graphics that we used. This required precise editing.

Matthew Colburn interview

This was fun to do because it helped me advance my editing skills. With this we used two cameras and had to match the audio and video perfectly. This was hard but it worked out well and turned out to be a really good, but different, sit down interview.

Dance 5 honors pieces

This was one of my favorite stories to work on because it showed what all goes into dancing. The students in dance five had to choreograph a dance according to a topic and they all did so great. We used their actual dances for the broll and it turned out really well because we got to show what they did while they were talking about them.

2013-2014 WORK


This story was a lot of fun to put together. In my opinion, I think this is one of my best stories I have put together. It went together easily and told a great story.
Teacher of the year
For this story, I edited it in the most reasonable way. I was more informative than creative. I wanted to get across the main point that Mrs. Haynes had won teacher of the year.
School wide read art project
This story was a lot of fun to work on. We had snippets from actual student projects that we were able to add into the story. This made for a great story with fun edits.
The ROAR of Dutch Fork High School
This was one of my greated memories from junior year. This video was entered into a Good Morning America contest. Although we did not win, it was still so much fun to work on. Editing was tricky because the clips had to go with the lyrics and sometimes people are not the most talented at lip singing. Regardless, it was still so much fun to do.

2012-2013 Work

Anchor bits
How to: ebooks
‎Hide yo macs
Check out more of my work here: http://vimeo.com/michaelabaker

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