2048 matches competition

Story by Michaela Baker, Kirsten Arnoult and Eddie Bates

Matching numbers may seem like an easy concept for an app, but for the new game 2048 takes matching numbers above and beyond a kindergarten activity.

A free app from the app store, 2048 is simply a game of matching that is also just as simple to play. Starting out with two number tiles on a sixteen tile board, you have to match like numbers together for score. For instance, if the first two numbers were twos then the twos would be swiped together to make four, earning four points. Each time you swipe right, left, up, or down one more number is added therefore you have to match, or add, the numbers together.

The numbers begin with 2, which can be added to make 4, then 8, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on. The goal of the game is to get the tile 2048, however the game continues even after this next-to-impossible task is complete. This may seem like a mundane process but this simple matching game is a hit.

Moving on to the technical aspects of the game, the display of 2048 is simple. The phrase “less is more” defines the look of the game. A white background, gray sixteen tile square, and number tiles that range in color from white, red, orange and yellow. The interface of the game is pleasing to the eye. The logo of 2048 is simply the 2048 tile which is a dark mustard yellow. That is the look of the 2048 tile.

The game is simple to grasp, easy to play, and yet addictive and you could find yourself lost in a game for 15 minutes. Although the player is the one to decide whether or not this game is one to keep.

The app, 2048, is not timed so players can come back to a game to play anytime. The game also does not require wifi which is a plus for on the go gaming. Although the objective is to get the 2048 tile, the game also keeps track of the highest score so the player can beat his/her record.

Drawbacks from 2048 would be running out of space on the board. Once the sixteen tiles are filled and no more tiles can be swiped together that is when the game is over. This is what makes the game tricky. The player has to be watchful so the board does not fill up.

Another thing that may draw players away is that this game does require a math skill. Although the math skill is small, just simple addition, this could push players away. One annoyance is that the game is, a repetitive process. Other games such as the recently removed Flappy Bird have overall shorter game, and the five minutes of trying to match tiles together may get old, fast.

Nonetheless, 2048 is at number two in the free game category right now in the app store and has even spawned popular knock offs like the strange mixture of Flappy Bird and 2048 cleverly named Flappy 2048 (which is 42nd on the app stores list). The original game does share several addictive qualities that other hits apps share like a challenging reward to achieve but a seemingly simple path to get there. I gave the game an 8/10 because of the fact that it is not that hard of a game to pick up. I got all the way up to the 32 tile on my first play of the game but I quickly could gain the skill to get up to the hundreds and the occasional thousand and 2048 tile. This app is definitely one that you do not want to miss.

This opinion story was written by Eddie and me. We got the idea because everyone was playing 2048. This review was fun to write and turned out pretty good considering it was actually difficult to explain the concept of the game. 

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