Flow tops app market

story by michaela baker

A new app has recently hit the surface in the Apple App Store. Flow Free is described as a “simple yet addictive puzzle game” released by Big Duck Games LLC into Game Center.

Flow Free is a puzzle where players have to connect the matching color dots by drawing out a “pipe” from each dot. Also, there are many other colors players have to connect so they have to choose the right path to complete each path correctly and cover the entire board with the pipes.

The game has six hundred free levels available in the free play mode, 10 different board sizes, and 30 levels of each board size. Flow Free has many different levels that range from multiple dots to larger boards. Players also can test their skills by playing on a time trial to see how many boards they can complete in a limited amount of time.

The design is sleek with simple directions. It’s clean font and bright pipes allows players to concentrate on the game. The app does not have many options to play but the ones it does feature are more than effective to keep the player busy.

The cost of Flow is free. The App Store even has other apps for “Flow cheats” just in case a player gets stuck on a puzzle.

The complexity of each level increases as a player pass each puzzle. Players can skip levels and come back or just keep playing until it is solved. In the time trials, players test their speed as they try to complete a number of puzzles in a set amount of time.

Players can complete a level in many different ways. One way is to complete it in the level in the set number of “flows” earning a star. Another way is to complete the level in any number of flows resulting in a check mark. There’s a counter that shows how much “pipe” a player has used because he/she has to use 100% of the pipe each board resulting in a board fully covered.

Flow includes four different packs. A Regular Pack with a hundred and fifty boards, a newly released Bonus Pack with a hundred and fifty boards, an 8×8 Mania Pack which includes all 8×8 boards also with a hundred and fifty boards, and a Jumbo Pack made for iPads which includes 10×10 and 14×14 boards which also has a hundred and fifty boards.

The time trial section includes four times, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 4 minutes. Each time trial is played on a 5×5 board.

At number 16 for Top 25 Free Apps and with more than thirty two hundred reviews, Flow Free is climbing the app market ladder quickly. The app is free and worth a shot to anyone looking for a puzzle that is simple yet addictive.

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