iPhone, iPod, and iPad users have mixed emotions about new software update

story by michaela baker and brandy williams

Along with the recent release of the iPhone 5, Apple released its iOS 6 operating system update on September 19th, 2012.

“You can tweet from the notification screen, panorama shot with camera, iMessage changed, and you can Facetime anywhere,” sophomore Andrew Brehmer said.

Apple product features along with multiple apps and the design also have received the iOS6 update.

“The color scheme has changed and they have more apps they upgraded like Twitter and Instagram,” freshman Karisha Desai said.

Some pros include being able to decline a call but setting a reminder message to call that person back, users can select songs from their music library and set it as their alarm ringtone, and Siri goes above and beyond when asked to search for information.

“Yes I do like it, because there are a lot more features and it’s a lot more advanced,” junior Natalie White said.

Just like any other software update,  with a new upgrade there are usually just as many cons as there are pros.

“My battery dies really quickly because there are a lot of apps and I use it a lot,” sophomore Anna Maria Gardner said.

Other cons include the update not being available to older products such as the original IPad and some features were limited on earlier versions of the iPhone; users prefer Google maps over the new, redesigned Apple maps and more users are experiencing trouble connecting to Wi-fi areas.

“I don’t think the YouTube app should have been deleted because I use it a lot and it was a pain to go redownload it,” Natalie said.

While apps are a big part of Apple products, messaging features such as iMessage contributes variation.

“You should be able to respond in iMessage even if you don’t have an iPhone,” Cameron said.

One thing many consumers can agree on is that Apple still continues to revolutionize the world with its breakthrough technology; even with the good and bad, Apple remains a top company globally.

‘It’s definitely really helpful and especially with pinterest, you never have the trouble of finding a computer, and it takes good pictures which is my favorite part,” sophomore Anna Maria Gardiner said.

Apple is always improving their products along with their software. Inventing new products, Apple is always ahead of the game.

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