Hi, my name is Michaela Baker. I am a visual communicator and lover of all things beauty and design. Follow my blog for posts about beauty, life and fun. To get to know me better, head over to the about section.

This blog originally started out as my journalism portfolio in high school. If you haven’t visited in a while you will see it has gotten a facelift; I’ve added a beauty component, among other things. I’ll write product reviews, share my favorite beauty items and more. I’ve always loved the beauty industry, whether it was discovering new makeup or spending hours watching beauty videos.

All of my posts are in the blog section, and each is headed under a specific category: beauty, life or fun.

I still have a portfolio section that I’ll regularly update with my work or designs. If you’re visiting my blog strictly for my portfolio, then hello! I hope you’ll stay and look around.

Along with beauty and design, I love photography. I am the “go-to” person for my friends when they need photos done. A lot of my work is portrait-style, but I’ve decided to include that on the blog, too. I’m not a paid professional, but I love taking pictures.

That’s it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and get to reading!