The best at home manicure ever

beautyHappy bonus post Saturday!

I am reviewing the Formula X System Xcel at-home manicure set.

Yall, I LOVE this set. I will get deeper into the details below, but first I have a disclaimer.

After taking photos and gathering my links for this post, I discovered this system was no longer for sale at Sephora. After research, it seems the Formula X line is being discontinued. UGH what a bummer! I was so excited to share this amazing product and now who knows if you’ll be able to buy it.

However, I did read people have seen Formula X in the clearance section of Sephora, and some have seen it at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. If my review persuades you to buy the product, I would say keep your eyes open at those stores.

I already had my photos taken and review written so that is why I am making this a bonus post 🙂

If you still want to know about the BEST at home manicure set, here it is!


The System Xcel by Formula X is a four step process.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Prime
  3. Color
  4. Shine

Step One: Cleanse
I’ve never cleansed my nails before painting them, but if you think about it, it makes sense! This cleanse step is a non-drying coat that removes dirt and oil from your nails. Proper cleansing allows for nail polish to apply smoothly. Think about it as when you are about to put on makeup. Most of the time you don’t put makeup on a dirty face, you cleanse first then apply. That is simply what this step is.

Step Two: Prime
This primer is a base coat for your nail polish. It coats the nail evenly and gets the surface ready for the color. Continuing with the makeup analogy, for makeup that lasts, you use a primer. That is what this primer does, helps the polish last. Apple primer to nails after the cleanse step.



Step Three: Color
One of the best parts about this system is it works with all nail polishes, not just Formula X. I used a OPI polish called “Stay Off The Lawn!” The versatility of this system is one reason why it makes it so great. It works with any nail polish. Apply color to nails after primer has dried.



Step Four: Shine
This is the BEST step. The shine aspect of this system makes any nail polish look like a gel manicure. Do you see that SHINE above? Just apply a good coat over the color once it’s dry and you’ll have amazing nails.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds like a pretty basic manicure system. But here are the reasons why I love it:

It wears SO long. The system claims “10 day wear,” and at first I was skeptical. I am usually hard on my nails so a week is about all my polishes last. When I first tried this system out, I almost went two weeks with minimal chipping. I was shocked! It stayed so well and still looked great too.

The shine is amazing. I always got compliments on my nails when I wear this system. When I tell people this was is an at home manicure they are always shocked. They look great!

Although the system may take a while with the four steps, it is worth it. I am not the best nail painter but I just turn on a TV show, take my time and do my nails. The time spent is well worth it for beautiful nails.

The price. The system as a whole runs for $30+. However, if you think about it, one gel manicure can be from $20+ alone. I have used this system over 10 times and from using it have saved a lot of money on nail care.

So I say all this to say, if you are in need of a nail system keep your eyes open for this one! I am so sad Formula X is being discontinued because this system is amazing.

That’s all I have for this bonus post Saturday! Talking about nail polish is making me want to do my nails and catch up on my TV shows.

But first, off to finish studying…



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