Although this blog is the primary focus of the website, it did begin as my online portfolio. Any potential employers will be sent specifically to this page to see my design, writing or editing work. If you are a potential employer, hello! This page will be updated frequently with projects I’ve completed during my college career.

News Writing

Studying abroad in Thailand
Stephanie Woronko does not do traditional. China. Oman. Thailand. Her study abroad trips take her to countries that are outside of the typical go-to-Europe programs available to students.

Freelance Projects

2017 University of South Carolina Visitor Guide
I was the designer of the 2017 Visitor Guide for the University of South Carolina Visitor Center distributed to thousands of prospective students annually. I worked with the Director and Communications Manager of the Visitor Center to produce a 32 page informative guide for potential students and daily tour-goers. 25,000 copies were printed and are used daily during tours. To view the guide click here.

This Week in South Carolina
I was selected by Tom Posey, Director of News and Public affairs, to create graphics for a new TV series on SCETV discussing political matters, news and issues in South Carolina. I worked with directors of show to create a central theme and design. The show first aired January 2017 and airs every week on SCETV before being published online. View graphics and episodes here.

Carolina Command Center
Worked with the College of Information and Communications to create logos and branding for a potential command center. Graphics will be used during the University Giving Day in April 2018. Also filmed and edited the promo video for the giving page.

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With my work at the College of Information and Communications, I film a lot of events and interviews. I edit these videos and post them to our website. View some of my latest edits. I use Final Cut Pro for editing. These video show my scope of knowledge using the software, my ability to frame and light shots and use screen recordings to portray important messages. These are just a few of the many videos I’ve done in the past three years.


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Digital Signage

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This portfolio page is updated frequently with projects. If you would like to see more of my work, you can request those via email at .