A day at the Mall of America


Hello from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

My sister and I are on spring break, and we are visiting our brother.

Today we visited the Mall of America and it was AWESOME. Kathryn and I had this trip planned for a while, so we were able to save up and have fun at the mall. Here are some photos from the day. Below the photos will be a short explanation of what we did. I hope you will enjoy this post even though it’s short. So far, we have had a great two days in Minnesota.

First we started the day with some Captain America Waffles and coffee at Zac’s apartment.

Then we headed to Ikea first just to look around, because Kathryn and I had never been. We didn’t buy anything there, but now I really want to decorate a house.

We then headed into the Mall of America and began shopping. We arrived around 11 a.m., and we didn’t leave until after 5 p.m. if that gives you any idea of how much fun we had.

The mall was beautiful. There was any store we ever wanted. The food was amazing.

As far as the food spread goes, went we went to Disco Fries and got the “Patatas Bravas” which consisted of spicy aioli, crema, paprika, bacon and green onions. They were DELICIOUS.

We visited Tim Horton’s which Sam described as a “Canadian Dunkin’ Donuts but better.”  Zac picked up some Apple Fritter Tim Bites.

We did an attraction called “Fly Over America”. It was so awesome! It was a 4-D ride that took you over beautiful sites in America.

The Mall of America has an entire theme park in the middle of it. We didn’t ride any of those rides, but it was really cool.

We also went to Noodles and Company. We think it is a northern chain because Kathryn and I had never heard of it. We got the Steak Stroganoff bowl and Pot Stickers. They were delicious.

As far as other cool things: there was a two-story Forever 21, a Crayola Museum, lots of Starbucks and more.

It was a great day shopping, eating and being together. Our bank accounts may be feeling lighter, but it was a time to remember.

Have you ever been to the Mall of America? What was your favorite thing about it? Thanks for reading this shorter post and I hope you enjoyed it!



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