March Ipsy Bag 2017

beautyHappy Wednesday!

Today I have another reveal of what’s in my Ipsy Bag! This month is a little different because at the end of the blog you’ll see a video. One of my great friends Karie Grace ordered a Birchbox this month (another beauty subscription service) and we did a box/bag battle. Both services are $10 a month and offer deluxe beauty samples.

It was fun to film the video. We both would prefer writing over being on camera so forgive any awkwardness or doublechins… lol 🙂

Incase you just want to know what I got in my Ipsy bag I am still going to show you briefly before the video… so here it is!


The Bag
Y’all, how cute is this bag! The fold on the top just makes it look elegant. I want to find a way to use this as a clutch or something. It’s for sure my favorite bag so far.

IMG_7745Ouai Treatment Masque
This mask smells amazing! I have never been a big mask user but I am excited to give this one a try! I have a lot of hair so keeping it healthy is important. I haven’t tried this masque yet but keep an eye out because it may show up in a favorites! Currently on the Ouai website they are sold out of this product so that gives me a good feeling about it too.

IMG_7747Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser
I really enjoyed this cleanser. It was light, had a good smell and also did a good job cleansing. A cool thing about Ipsy is that it introduces you to new brands. I’ve never heard of this brand but now I can check out their other products! The size of this product is perfect for traveling too. I find when I go somewhere even overnight I never have a small facewash to bring so this will definitely be going in my overnight bag!

theBalm Cosmetics Bahama Mama
This is a tiny little sample. It is bronzer by theBalm. If I was disappointed by something in my bag this month it would be this sample because I can barely get a brush coated! However, it is a nice bronzer. The product is good but the size is not.

INT Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Goddess Gold
For what theBalm lacked, INT Cosmetics made up for. This eyeshadow is HUGE.  It a deeper gold color and very smooth pigment. I really love this eyeshadow already. I love trying out new eyeshadows too. I am definitely looking more into this brand.

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash
“Burt’s Bees makes lipstick?? What??”
That was my initial thought, but it makes sense! As a leader in the lip balm world, why wouldn’t the company add some pigment? It did a great job with the lipstick too. It is soft and creamy and has a great color. The packaging is super cute, too. After wearing this lipstick my lips actually feel moisturized! I am loving this product.

As far as what Karie Grace got in her Birchbox here is a picture, but you’ll have to watch the video to see the products explained. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog and video! Videos may appear sporadically throughout different blog posts. It’s just another way to develop the blog.

Talk to you next Wednesday!



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