Review: Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara

beautyToday I have a fun and colorful post for you!

I am reviewing the Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara and the Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner. Both of these products were sent to me for free by Influenster to test out and review. Influenster sends out product boxes every month for free for users to test and review. It’s a cool service and I highly recommend it! IMG_6588

On to the reviews — First, the eyeliner.

This eyeliner I found to be your typical black, twist up liner. I wore it multiple days and found that even on my busy, and hot, days here in the south it still stayed. I like this eyeliner too because it has a more matte finish. Previously to this liner, I’ve been using liquid eyeliner so it was nice to test out a pencil liner again. I usually switch back and forth between the two kinds but I may have to pick up a pencil liner again after this one is all gone.

Now the fun part, the mascara.

img_7046.jpgA fun fact about the Great Lash brand is that it is the first mascara I ever owned. My aunt bought my sister and I a starter makeup kit which included some eyeshadow quads, a brown eyeliner and a Great Lash Mascara. From then on my sister and I fell in a makeup black hole and we really don’t have any plans on returning. (Besides, then we wouldn’t have parts of this blog!)

Anyway… I was so excited to test out another Great Lash Mascara as it has been a crowd favorite for 40+ years. I was extra excited because this mascara was blue! Here are the details of what I like/dislike about this product:


Application: Very smooth. The product goes on smoothly and it is buildable between coats. The Maybelline website even says you can apply multiple coats to build lashes. The wand has short bristles and does a good job of separating lashes while.

Color: BLUE (but not crazy). Upon first application I could see the flecks of blue on my eyelashes but it wasn’t over-powering. I like this. I don’t have dark eyelashes but it didn’t just make me have straight blue eyelashes, there was a good dimension of color. I know that the color is noticeable because shortly after I went out to run errands with my boyfriend and he said “Oh I like the blue on your eyes. What is that? It’s cool”. This is coming from a guy who probably couldn’t tell you the difference between eyeliner and mascara so it was fun that he noticed it!

Staying Power: Good. I have tested this out for a few days now and I have had little to no problems with transfer to the eyelids or under my eyes. I even put this mascara through a good sweat at the gym and it didn’t budge. I’m very impressed with the formula. Another note about the staying power is that it is light on the lashes. I build up quite the coat of mascara but this one is very light on the eyes.

Cost: Most retailers sell this mascara for under $6. Some even under $5! It has .43 ounces of product.

So what?

This mascara passed all my tests of a good mascara. See the awkwardly close pictures above to see the definition and color on my lashes. It applied seamlessly, stayed long and made my lashes look good. This may not be an everyday mascara but I think it (and the eyeliner) are perfect for creating summer looks. The mascara will add a fun touch of color to your “beachy” look and the eyeliner will stay put during any summer BBQ.

Thank you again to Influenster for sending me these products to test out! I hope you enjoyed this review.



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