May Ipsy Bag 2017

beautyY’all, I am loving getting my Ipsy bags. It’s a surprise every month, and I am loving trying out new products.

May is the start of summer for many, so Ipsy created a fun bag. It’s clear and has ice-cream cones and popsicles on it; how cute and perfect for summer! Since it is plastic, it’s pretty waterproof so perfect for the pool or a beach day!


Here’s the round-up this month!


Mellow Cosmetics – Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude

First thing I love about this product is the packaging. It is sleek and beautiful. I love the delicate detail of the log engraved into the lipstick. I’ve never tried out Mellow Cosmetics, but so far I’m impressed. I put this lippie to the test, too. I wore this on Mother’s Day which was a day full of church, lunch, napping and dinner. This lipstick stayed all day. I did retouch it before dinner but after my pasta dinner it was still on my lips! I was so impressed. This lipstick is very matte which I wasn’t used toβ€”I am more of a cream galβ€”but surprisingly it wasn’t too drying. I can’t wait to use this one some more.

Urban Decay – Afterglow in Sin – Powder Highlighter


I was pleasantly surprised to receive an Urban Decay product in my bag! I don’t own many Urban Decay products but I know they produce quality makeup. I really like this highlighter! It is the perfect shade for any spot on the fact. It is smooth and has a good staying power, too. I’m not sure if the “8-hour” claim is spot on but it does seem to last! Like I’ve said in previous Ipsy bag posts, I don’t always highlight so these samples are the perfect size for me to use.

Jelly Pong Pong – Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric

Y’all know I love all eyeshadow. This compact is the cutest and I love that is has a mirror in it too. This shadow is super sparkly but I love both colors. One is a deep rose color and the other is gold. They are smooth and stay put on my eyes for a while! I’ve tried both colors and they are both great shades. I cool but simple pop of color for summer nights!

Adesse New York – Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl

This nail polish is the prettiest shade of blue! I haven’t been able to try this one out for staying power yet but I’m hooked just on the color. The photos don’t do it justice but it is a beautiful pastel blue. I’m excited to try this polish because it has a “gel effect.” That makes me think it will be long-lasting or at least apply well. I’m excited to try this out soon!

Luxie Beauty – Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660

Give me all the brushes! I love getting new ones in my bags because, to be honest, I need to do a deep cleaning of all my brushes and toss my old ones. This brush is soft and fluffy. It says it is a “precision foundation” brush but I’ve used it for highlighting so far. You can use brushes for what you want to, ya know? I am going to look into Luxie brushes because I really like them! Maybe I’ll get a full set for myself.
That’s what I got in my May Ipsy bag! Like I said, I’ve really enjoyed all my bags so far. I get to try out new products and I’ve noticed that I haven’t spent much on makeup the last few months because I get all these great products!
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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