Move In Day AND Dorm Room Tour 2017

Welcome back!

I am all moved in to my dorm room at the University of South Carolina, and I began training for my Resident Mentor position today. We have fall training every year for new and returning RMs. Yesterday was a crazy move in day but I finally finished unpacking today.

As mentioned in this article, one perk of being an RM is getting my own room. The room serves as a space to hangout with residents, have private conversations and more. With the incoming class being so large, the University had to make a tough decision and assigned roommates with RMs. My roommate and I have met and she is super sweet. I think we will get along just fine!

Moving in was a challenge with all the stuff I had. Storage and organization was difficult but I think I got it to work for now. I am in the same room I was in last year but it is now rearranged differently to accommodate two people. I’m excited to get to know my roommate but it certainly is a unique situation to live with your RM.

At the end of the move-in day vlog I do give a room tour. We are going to call this an unofficial dorm room tour because my walls are bare. I decided to forgo decorations for the time being as roommate placements for all RMs are actively being changed. I explain this in the vlog.

I hope you enjoy this peak into what move-in day and dorm rooms are like! 




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