Staying organized in college

lifeFullSizeRender 4The first full week of class is almost over and I am up to my eyeballs in to-do lists. As I type I’m watching the Kathie Lee and Hoda show and they are sharing organization tips this morning — how fitting!

Staying organized: a widely debated topic because everyone stays organized differently. There’s no one right way.

Staying organized in college is plays a huge role in doing well in college. Often I talk to my freshman girls about the transition in college and they say one of the hardest things is keeping track of assignments and staying organized.

I love organization. All things sticky notes, school supplies, planners, pens, etc make me happy and I think I’ve finally got down my perfect way to stay organized so I thought I would share it with the blog.


1. Print our all syllabi

This may sound silly but so many people don’t print out their class syllabus. Professors stress that 9/10 questions they get ask are answered on the syllabus. They also have the course calendar that has all assignments, tests and projects laid out. Having the course calendar is very important in staying organized.


2. Find what storage works for you

I use a binder for my courses. This is my preference as I don’t use my laptop and take handwritten notes. A 2 inch binder holds my five courses comfortably. Other storage could be in a notebook with pockets, folders, or something like that. Keep in mind that each class could need something different. This year I found one of my classes is very note heavy so I am using a small notebook and just clipping it in my binder. Get a feel of your classes this week to see what you think will work best for you.


3. Display your course calendar

In my binder I have 5 sheet protectors and each one contains a course syllabus flipped to the calendar. This lets me see a layout of the course and know what assignments I have today and coming up.


4. Write dates down in your planner

From your course calendars go ahead and write your assignments, tests and readings down in your planner. Again I know this sounds silly but that way you already have your weeks sorted out. You’d be surprised how many classes I’ve been in and the professor asks the class “what’s next week?” and I’m the only one to answer “a quiz” because I had it written down. Having your weeks planned out helps too because if you’re scheduling a meeting or time out with friends you will probably know your workload for that day.

5. Add style

Obviously I love planning so my planner is filled with colors. Every course is written in a different color and it’s easy for my to keep track of. Sometimes a day can get a bit crazy but I am usually good keeping it organized. I also have plenty of planner stickers to jazz up the pages. This makes it fun and pretty for me to look at.

That’s all the organization info for now. Does anyone else have good tips/tricks for staying organized in school? Share in the comments below!





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