The FIVE things I wish I hadn’t bought my freshman year

I have been home for 6 days now and I have finally finished unpacking. Time to enjoy summer break! Just kidding…I start work tomorrow… but that’s okay I am excited to work.

To follow-up on the ten things I couldn’t survive freshman year without here is a list of things I found while packing up that remained unopened or had a layer of dust on it. These, of course, are all my personal experiences so you may find yourself using things I did not. This list is small for now, but I could add to it if I come across more things. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the five things I wish I hadn’t bought my freshman year.

1. Tupperware

I had purchased a small set of Tupperware in thought that maybe if I made something or couldn’t finish something I would use them. Well, they sat on my shelf and they were never used. This was an inexpensive pack from Wal-Mart but when buying items for college, any dollar you can save counts.

2. Knives

Again, I guess I thought I would be cooking up a storm in my room. I was wrong. I purchased regular butter knives and then some pairing knives. Maybe at one occasion throughout the year did I find myself using a knife. I used them more to stir my coffee quickly than to cut something. Protip: My freshman year, I was required to purchase a meal plan so I really did not cook in my room. If you have to purchase a meal plan as well, I would say you can hold off on the knives for now.  

3. My baby crock-pot

This one saddens me. This was a $10 Black Friday deal that I bought on impulse because I thought it was so cute. I imagined making small portions of soups or even cheese dip, but those were all just dreams. It’s been a cute dust collector though but it’s home is not in a dorm room. I will be saving my crock-pot for later because it will come in handy at some point in my life… I hope.

4. Mattress topper

I WISH I would’ve splurged on this purchase. I got a $20 one from SteinMart similar to this one seen above that claimed to have gel memory foam. Well, it was not a bad mattress topper but I wish I bought something with more fluff. If you are used to a fluffy bed at home, I would definitely not skimp on a mattress topper. Splurge a little because this is something you will use everyday. The last thing you want is to not have a comfy bed to come home to after you had two tests, a paper and project due all in one day (been there, done that). I would say it’s safe to say the motto here would be to go big or go home. Protip: Maybe ask your grandma, aunts/uncles, etc for this for a graduation present since some toppers can come close to $100. It may not be the most exciting present but you will thank me later when your bed feels like a cloud. 

5. Textbooks

Textbooks are SO expensive. I took the free textbooks in high school for granted. In the fall semester alone I spent over $300 on textbooks however, about $140 of that was on three textbooks that were barely opened throughout the semester. I was told going into freshman year to not buy the textbook until you get to class and the professor tells you to do so. I fully recommend this. Professors will tell you on the first day what you need and most of the time are honest about if the textbook will be used or not. I waited to buy textbooks for the spring semester and I am so glad I did because I saved so much money. Protip: See if you can share a textbook with a friend! I shared my english textbook with my suitemate because we had it on different days. We split the cost of the book and at the end of the semester, we were able to sell it back and get half our money back! Also, check with students who have already taken the class before. I was able to borrow two journalism books that saved me over $100. 

Like I said, right now this is a short list. I think I did pretty good on only buying things I really needed.

I have enjoyed writing two blog posts so far. I think I may continue to write throughout the summer.
I also have made of lists of posts I may write…
• How to save money while shopping for a dorm
• Things I wish I knew my freshman year
• How to stay organized in college
• How to not miss your dog while in college (just kidding I still don’t know how to do that)

Let me know if any of these interest any of you. Who knows, maybe I’ll start posting once a week. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post.


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